Supportive Services Coordinator

Job Title: Supportive Service Coordinator

Reports to: Director of Supportive Programs & Services

Job Overview: Coordinate and link residents to needed services that will assist with aging-in-place successfully. Provide information and make appropriate referrals to residents and families in all areas of case management for services delivered at Lutheran Towers.

1. Interview resident and/or family members to obtain social history.
2. Involve the resident/family in planning social service programs when possible.
3. Refer resident/families to appropriate social service agencies when the facility does not provide the specific services or needs required by the resident.
4. Maintain a quality working relationship with the resident's medical professionals and other health related facilities and organizations.
5. Coordinate social services activities with other departments as necessary.
6. Evaluate social and family information and assist in determining plans for social treatment.
7. Assist in obtaining resources from community social, health and welfare agencies to meet the needs of the resident.
8. Participate in facility surveys (inspections) made by authorized government agencies as necessary.
9. Ensure that all progress notes are complete, informative and descriptive of the services provided and of the resident's response to the service.
10. Develop and maintain a good working rapport with other departments within the facility to assure that daily social services activities can be performed without interruption.
11. Assist in creating and maintaining an atmosphere of warmth, personal interest and positive emphasis, as well as a calm environment throughout the facility.
12. Serve on, participate in, and attend various committees of the facility as required.
13. Assist in the development of and participate in regularly scheduled orientation and in-service training programs that relate to the social services department.
14. Develop a written plan of care (preliminary and comprehensive) for each resident that identifies the problems/needs of the resident and the goals to be accomplished for each problem/need identified.
15. Make weekly inspections of all social service functions to assure that quality control measures are continually maintained.
16. Provide individual case management services as necessary in order to make recommendations and referrals to residents and their families.
17. Conduct one-on-one visits with new resident to perform initial psychosocial assessments and discuss the Service Coordination department.
18. Develop and facilitate informational and educational programs relevant to health and wellness in the aging field, including the annual Healthy Aging Forum. Contribute to the monthly Lutheran Towers newsletter.
19. Attend training and workshops as needed to continue professional growth.
20. Develop partnerships with community agencies and services to build referral sources and resources.
21. Maintain professional relationships with healthcare professionals, including hospital personnel, home health nurses, social workers, and other facilities and professionals within the field.
22. Respond as point-of-contact for all emergency calls within the building.
23. Coordinate plans and services for residents being discharged from hospitals or rehabilitation facilities.
24. Liaise with community agencies and the resident's support system in order to connect with services and provide advocacy as needed.
25. Complete the semi-annual and annual Service Coordinator HUD report.
26. Assist with fire drills and other emergency plans.
27. Regularly input case documentation of resident issues and progress notes for individual files.
28. Work with residents and their families to age-in-place successfully through obtaining in-home resources or finding alternative living placements if necessary.
29. Prepare a monthly internal report.
30. Assist in planning, developing, organizing, implementing, and evaluating the social services programs of this facility.
31. Assist in the development, administering, and coordinating of department policies and procedures.
32. Assist in the developing and implementing policies and procedures for the identification of medically related social and emotional needs of the resident.
33. Responsible for monthly Resident Council Meetings and follow ups from the Meeting
34. Responsible for Issues of Concern for the building including logging, tracking, and follow up, and reporting results to the management team.
35. Participate in community planning related to the interests of the facility and the services and needs of the resident and family.
36. Assist residents and/or family members with the Medicaid application process
37. Responsible for the scheduling of the care plan meetings, notifying all residents and family members of the care plan meeting's date and time and documenting in the social service section of the chart.
38. Responsible for initial social service move-in note and quarterly assessments; provide visits to residents for support and socialization and document any behavior changes; document any medicine increases or decrease.
39. This list of duties is not meant to be exhaustive but rather merely examples of the type tasks that the person holding the position of Social Worker/Service Coordinator will routinely perform.
40. Other duties as assigned.

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