2019-2020 Public Policy Issues

What You Can Expect

The public policy issues that we address are brought forth by our members. Our public policy committee reviews the issues thoughtfully and then chooses our issues and shapes our strategies. The issues are presented to the LeadingAge board for discussion and approval. Our board and members engage in grassroots advocacy efforts for maximum effectiveness with legislators statewide.

Expect us to focus on fortifying care and services provided by our members. Also expect us to engage even more with the state agencies and to increase our grassroots efforts with even more member engagement in the coming year. We plan to work to fortify affordable housing in 2020. We’ll have on-going communication to keep us all working together and we’ll have more visits with legislators.

On the federal level, expect LeadingAge to work with legislators, regulators and agencies to tackle critical issues like protecting and expanding affordable housing, working with Centers for Medicare and Medicaid as they roll out the new quality initiative and new payment system, promoting long term financing reform to ensure access to quality long-term services and supports, protecting programs that serve as safety nets to older adults as well as funding for programs funded through the Older Americans Act and the Veterans Administration.

Public Policy is important. Your engagement is crucial for providing effective advocacy. Together we can make changes needed to ensure quality of life for individuals as they age.


LeadingAge Georgia Public Policy Initiatives Summary

LeadingAge Georgia is The Trusted Voice for not-for-profit and other mission-driven organizations dedicated to providing quality housing, healthcare and community-based services for Georgia's older adults. Our membership represents over 130 housing and service providers of which 65 percent are faith-based communities. They proudly embrace the full array of aging services by serving over 127,000 residents and clients in Georgia.  Approximately, 4,700 compassionate, caring, and well-trained staff serve these older Georgians.

  • LeadingAge Georgia public policy efforts are member driven and are based on fortifying our members and enhancing the well-being of older adults.*  *The Eden Alternative has identified seven primary domains of well-being as identity, growth, autonomy, security, connectedness, meaning and joy.
  • When member concerns are brought to the attention of LeadingAge Georgia, we engage members, the public policy committee and our board of directors for developing the best possible policy solutions.
  • LeadingAge Georgia works closely with the LeadingAge national public policy office for guidance on policy development on the state level and for engaging members on national public policy issues for maximum effectiveness.
  • Since LeadingAge Georgia members serve the spectrum of care, our public policy efforts address concerns of our members and the well-being of older adults throughout the continuum of care.

The member driven public policy issues for the 2019 Georgia General Assembly include:

Legislative Priorities:
Budget Priorities:

Outline of the 2019 policy initiatives that LeadingAge Georgia is engaged in:

Make your voice heard.

The mission of The Legislative Action Center for LeadingAge is to expand the world of possibilities for aging in the United States and communicating with members of Congress about funding and regulatory issues is an important element of that mission.

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