LeadingAge Georgia Public Policy Initiatives Summary

LeadingAge Georgia is committed to fortifying our members through public policy efforts on the state and federal level.  We strive to ensure that funding, policies, and regulation support the work of our members reflecting the realities of emerging trends and consumer preferences. 

Our issues are member driven.  Members are invited to submit advocacy issues for consideration. On the state level, staff works with members, the public policy committee, and our board to develop issues and our issues are presented annually for a vote at our business meeting.  Afterwards, staff, the public policy committee and our lobbyist work with legislators and agencies on behalf of members. We also engage members for grassroots efforts.

On the federal level, LeadingAge National gathers input from members through town-hall meetings and on-going dialogue with state affiliates and members. The national public policy team drafts potential public policy initiatives, and these are presented to the national public policy committee and then the board for approval.  LeadingAge National works with Congress and various agencies on behalf of members. 

LeadingAge Georgia works in-tandem with LeadingAge National on advocacy efforts to support members. LeadingAge National also provides valuable guidance and best practices for developing policy on the state level. 

In 2024-2025, workforce will be a priority on both the state and federal level. On the state level, we’ll work with the Georgia Department of Community Health on the roll-out of the PACE program, we’ll continue to seek Medicaid in assisted living, we’ll work to represent members’ interests for the proposed managed care waiver program. We will work to limit regulatory burdens for members.

Member Engagement in Public Policy Initiatives - We welcome members to provide suggestions for future policy consideration and we invite you to engage in committee work for the development of public policy issues. If you have legislative issues you would like for LeadingAge Georgia to address, please contact Ginny Helms at ghelms@LeadingAgeGa.org.

LeadingAge Georgia will use the following principles to address issues on which we have no current position:

Make your voice heard.

The mission of The Legislative Action Center for LeadingAge is to expand the world of possibilities for aging in the United States and communicating with members of Congress about funding and regulatory issues is an important element of that mission.

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