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Service Coordinator

Life Enrichment & Service Coordinator

The Life Enrichment & Service Coordinator is responsible for development, coordination and advertising of an engaging calendar of programs, social services, and events for the GCT resident community.

Reports to: Community Administrator

Essential Functions
o  Plans and implements a regular schedule of events and programs for the GCT community, providing options to engage all residents including those with limited hearing, vision, memory, mobility, language skills, and with special dietary needs.
o  Volunteer coordination to include recruitment, orientation, training and appreciation of volunteers.
o  Maintains records and monitors budget items during monthly planning process and communicates expenses to accounting in a timely manner.
o  Demonstrates an understanding of the aging process and reports changes in residents’ physical well-being / behaviors to the team in a confidential manner.
o  Develops and maintains contact information regarding relationships with partners and potential partners that further enhance the GCT community.
o Actively participates in ongoing professional development through seminars, workshops, and forums.
o  Assist residents with recertification process and collaborate with Admin staff to ensure all documentation requested is provided.
o  Assist residents with various service related issues that include assistance with cell phone operations and communication with service providers, free government programs, recertification of Medicaid and Food Stamp programs, living wills, POA forms, and general guidance with various health concerns.
o  Assist staff and family members with solutions for residents that have declining health concerns or special needs.
o  Provide educational programming to residents on wellness and health issues related to aging and routine services such as: blood pressure screenings, flu clinics, health fairs, Tai Chi lessons, etc.
o  Assist in coordination, development and distribution of PR materials.
o  Assist Administrator and Office Staff as needed

Position Characteristics
o  Planner and leader that will create, plan and implement events and programs.
o  Excellent verbal and written communications skills.
o  Focus on providing person-centered care and building lasting relationships.
o  Professional approach and a positive role model.
o  Proficient with Social Media platforms and Microsoft Office.
o  Team player; cooperative and enthusiastic
o  Timely and consistent attendance with flexibility to vary schedule when needed.
o  Ability to challenge and encourage residents while maintaining privacy and confidentiality.
o  Adherence to all DCCSH personnel policies and procedures.
o  Moderate amounts of physical activity, including stooping, bending, loading and lifting up to 25lbs.
o  Bilingual: Korean (preferred)

Interested candidates can apply by email to admin@christianterrace.com with resume and cover letter.