RN Nurse Manager/Supervisor

Canterbury Court is looking for RN Nurse Manager/Supervisor to join our family. This is a full-time position located in the long-term care division of our Life Plan Community (LPC). We invite you to experience Canterbury Court.


The general responsibilities of the RN Manager/Supervisor fall within five general categories.

  • Supervisory
  • Administrative
  • Advocacy
  • Clinical
  • Educational


In fulfilling her primary duties and responsibilities, the RN Manager/Supervisor must wear many hats. He or she will be responsible for the supervision of nursing staff as well as the overall monitoring of patient care. Leadership and diplomacy are absolute requirements as well as having effective communication skills. The RN Nurse Manager/ Supervisor shall exercise professional judgement in carrying out a variety of activities that maximize the well-being and quality of life of residents.


  • Review facility policies and procedures as part of the facility’s interdisciplinary team to assure compliance with Georgia Department of Community Health regulations.
  • Participate in reviewing and setting policies concerning resident care and quality of life.
  • Understand and meet all government requirements for Personal Care resident’s documentation.
  • Responsible for admission and discharges of all residents and ensure that all regulatory requirements are met
  • Check the CMS website (www.cms.gov) frequently for updates, information and training opportunities to ensure that were meeting all regulatory requirements
  • Responsible for overseeing the Central Supplies/Administrative clerk submitting monthly charges to Finance office and all other duties related to that position.
  • Develop, Review and Provide coverage for the Nursing staff Schedule.
  • Responsible for overseeing the resident Medical Record file electronic and hard copy per HIPAA compliance.


  • Work with the interdisciplinary team and administration to promote and protect resident rights. Prevent and address resident abuse, as mandated by law and professional licensure.
  • Work with resident, families, significant other, and staff to provide support, information, for taking a more proactive role in self-advocacy to improve the quality of life/care for individual residents and those who live and work within the Personal Care and the community at large.


  • Establishes nursing care standards based on best practices and latest research.
  • Ensures that patient care meets these standards
  • Analyzes patient records (PCC) to determine the efficiency and effectiveness of care.
  • Handles complaints from patients, families and nursing associates
  • Ensures that medical supplies, medications, resident’s linen, laundry; and equipment are well- taking care and well-stocked.
  • May hire and train associates.
  • Licensing and Educational Requirements.
  • Is responsible 24/7 for the total nursing care of residents in SNF and PC.
  • Can recognize significant changes in the condition of residents and take necessary action, i.e. referral for level of care changes
  • Have working knowledge of all Residents under Nursing Care at Canterbury Court.
  • Ensure that all medications are administered in accordance with doctor's orders.
  • Make meaningful rounds of all residents utilizing Resident Assessment in PCC.
  • Ensure that the individual Resident Assessment is followed and meet the resident's needs according to generally accepted nursing practices in the State of Georgia.
  • Responds to emergency calls in IL, provided such response does not compromise the quality of care to the residents in licensed beds, both skilled and PC. Emergency calls in IL may always be immediately referred to 911.
  • Make rounds with physician and record visits in chart.
  • Recommend conference with Director of nursing as needed and participate in staff meetings to keep staff performing at optimum level.
  • Must always consult with DON on recommendations, questions, or concerns


  • Educate staff regarding the role of the RN Manager/Supervisor and Canterbury Court and the medical needs of residents and their families/significant others, including the problems of aging and disability.
  • Ensure that new employees and current employees receive proper training and education according to generally accepted nursing practices in the State of Georgia.
  • Educate staff regarding cultural diversity and each staff member’s importance when caring for residents.
  • Keep a tickler file and ensure Certified Nursing Assistants receive CEU’s in order to maintain certification current


  • Demonstrated problem solving and conflict negotiation skills in issues of staff to staff, staff to resident, staff and family, and resident to resident and between various departments.
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills; Computer literate: Word, Excel, Power Point, PCC. Must be able to speak, read and write the English language.
  • Thorough understanding of Federal and State rules, regulations, policies and guidelines governing labor, payroll and employee issues related to their job.


  • The RN Manager must have skills in communication, assessment and critical thinking. He or she should be able to work effectively with a variety of disciplines in an individual and team setting. He or She should have the ability to implement pertinent state regulations through Georgia Department of Community Health.


  • Demonstrated leadership and management skills, dependability and a positive demeanor
  • Should have knowledge of State and Federal Health Care Regulations, Laws and procedures
  • Strong inter-personal skills; Able to relate well with managers, directors, staff and larger community; Able to collaborate with peer directors and supervisors to integrate and coordinate care management issues with corporation’s goals.
  • Must be able to work in a culturally diverse environment and consistently exhibit behaviors of equal opportunity and inclusivity


  • In addition to duties describe on the RN Manager/Supervisor job description, please do the following on the shift that you work. As part of the management team you are designated to be “on call” every other weekend. Meaning the nursing staff will call you if they need your assistance.

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