Memory Support Program Manager

Purpose of Job Position
The primary purpose of the Memory Support Program Manager is to oversee Canterbury Court’s Memory Support program and ensure the residents are provided with rewarding and stimulating social, cognitive, spiritual, and physical activities in accordance with our established policies and procedures. The Memory Support Program Manager must ensure the care plans and functional schedule are up to date and that staff is apprised of proper approaches to care. The Memory Support Program Manager provides outreach and education to staff, families, and the Canterbury Community.

Delegation of Authority
As the Program Manager of Memory Support, you are delegated the supervisory authority, responsibility, and accountability necessary for carrying out your assigned duties. This position reports directly to the Administrator.

Administrative Functions

• Conduct Stand up meetings for training purposes, assigning duties, and problem-solving care situations or gaining input and updates for follow-up with staff, families, and health care professionals.
• Participate in reviewing, setting, and enforcing facility policies and procedures as part of the facility’s interdisciplinary team to ensure compliance with Georgia Department of Human Services regulations.
• Completing Life Stories and Activity grid to determine common interests for planning and how to utilize past times to engage residents.
• Participate actively in marketing the community in collaboration with the marketing department.
• Recognize any noticed changes in resident condition and collaborate with your team to make recommendations for appropriate interventions.
• Coordinate and lead quarterly care plans for residents. Ensure staff implementation of care plans.
• Work with appropriate team members (nurse, AL Director, Administrator, Social Worker) to resolve family and resident complaints/grievances.

Admission, Transfer, and Discharge Functions
• Assess the appropriateness of resident prior to admission by administering SLUMS and identifying ADL needs and behavioral concerns.
• Provide support and education to residents/family members/significant others to assist in their understanding of placement and Canterbury operations upon admission and as needed.
• Keep family members up to date regarding changes in resident status and the possibility of transfer to a higher level of care.
• Obtain and review new resident assessment and Life Story in order to assist in introducing the activities program to new residents and families.

Staff Development and Leadership
• Manage and lead staff Memory Support Training
• Attend and participate in scheduled training and educational classes.
• Act as Virtual Dementia Tour trainer for all staff, families, and community.  
• Identify opportunities for dementia education in the Canterbury community.
• Identify and implement best practices in dementia support.
• Teach and mentor caregivers and families regarding Positive Physical Approach and implement the Masterful Moments Program and all components of the Memory Care Program to emphasize everything is an activity, joy in the moment, use of favorite past times as well as recognizing the level of dementia each resident is at, how to work with their strengths and behavioral expressions.
• Perform regular coaching rounds to perfect staff skills in positive physical approach, dining assistance, skills in ADLs with proper prompts and cues, behavioral approaches, and use of proper transfers and mobility aides.
• Oversee and direct staff with the daily therapeutic program for residents.
• Provide in-services for all staff to meet residents’ needs and regulatory requirements.
• Create and maintain an atmosphere of warmth, personal interest, and positive emphasis, as well as a calm environment throughout the workplace.
• Meet with the team on a regular basis to assist in identifying and correcting challenging resident situations and meet with Administrator on program matters.

Safety & Sanitation
• Notify the supervisor of any residents leaving/missing from the residence following Maddie Alert protocol for staff location and search.
• Alerts staff and Management when 1013 may be necessary for safety or if a resident needs separation, more monitoring, or one on one sitter. Develops and instructs proper behavior plans.
• Report any communicable or infectious disease you contract to the Administrator immediately.

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