Director of Operations

Job Summary:
The Director of Operations is responsible for the enhancement, maintenance, and security of the buildings, equipment, and grounds.  The Director is responsible for ensuring vacant apartments are turned over promptly and in excellent condition.  This role leads a team and manages the hiring, training, and supervision of all maintenance, grounds, and custodial personnel.  In assuring the building is well maintained, the Director of Operations is responsible for the inspection of all mechanical equipment and machinery, timely completion of normal work orders, and conducting timely and consistent preventative maintenance.

• High school diploma or equivalent
• Organized, mature, motivated, and self-directed
• Five-years’ experience in full-time maintenance and supervisory role
• Possess management skills
• Proficient with computer programs such as Microsoft Office, Word, Excel and other software solutions used to manage the day-to-day operations
• Plan and meet work deadlines
• Good driving record and valid commercial driver’s license
• Good attendance in prior employment
• Dependable, honest and responsible performance of job duties in the past
• Safe performance of duties in prior jobs
• Able to lift 75 pounds alone and 125 pounds with assistance
• Respond to emergencies calmly, utilizing basic First Aid knowledge
• Follow instructions and comply with Campbell-Stone rules and regulations
• Courteous to residents, visitors, and coworkers
• Maintain confidentiality

• Hire, in consultation with the Administrator, all maintenance, grounds and custodial personnel
• Train and supervise all personnel under his direction
• Develop work schedules and assignments for custodial, grounds, and maintenance personnel
• Schedule work order requests according to priority
• Inspect all building equipment and machinery (e.g., boilers, water heaters, air conditioning systems) for proper operation
• Maintain accurate records of all maintenance performed, including preventive maintenance
• Schedule and conduct apartment preventive maintenance on equipment (e.g., filters)
• Comply with manufacturer’s specifications, operating procedures, and warranties
• Maintain inventory of all parts and materials (e.g., grounds, maintenance, custodial)
• Compare prices to obtain best cost on all purchases
• Store and maintain records of parts and materials in orderly, safe, and accessible manner
• Perform electrical repairs on items such as appliances, fixtures, switches, outlets, circuits, etc.  (Utilize licensed electrician for code-required work)
• Perform plumbing work such as clearing stoppages, replacing fittings, fixture replacement, etc.  (Utilize licensed plumber for large jobs requiring outside equipment)
• Replace broken glass, tile, screens, locks, and other structural items.  (Generally, utilize bonded contractor for glass replacement).
• Paint interior as needed.  Insures that all vacated units are repainted.  (Utilize independent contractor for refurbishing occupied apartments when needed and approved).
• Maintain the public areas of the building in a safe, clean, and orderly manner
• Provide information to staff and residents regarding fire, safety, and emergency procedures.  Schedule and supervise maintenance and repair of all alarm systems in the building(s)
• Maintenance all emergency equipment including generator(s), lights, fire extinguishers
• Review written incident reports
• Supervise and assist all outside contractors and suppliers, maintain a constant knowledge of their goods and services.  Maintain supporting records and documents of all contract labor performed
• Adhere to good energy conservation standards
• Display a good working knowledge of the building and grounds (e.g., blue prints, water cutoffs, gas meter cutoffs, main power cutoffs, sewer clean-outs, by-lass switches)
• Maintain vehicles in a safe operating condition
• Schedule and complete all apartment turnover as quickly as possible
 o Coordinate move-in and move-out schedules with other personnel
 o Maintain and complete unit inspection report
 o Refurbish vacant apartments, including painting, cleaning, shampooing carpet, and routine maintenance in a timely manner
• Research and recommend to the Administrator projects for overall maintenance and improvement of the building(s) and grounds
• Respond to all building(s) and resident emergencies as needed
• Adhere to OSHA requirements and promote safety
• Relate in a courteous manner to residents, visitors, coworkers and vendors

• Attend staff meetings, training and seminars when required
• Attend various activities and events when required
• Assist Administrator with other projects as assigned
• Other duties and responsibilities as assigned
• Maintain confidentiality

This job description serves as a guideline.  Duties may change from time to time.

To apply, email